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Find a position that sounds like a fit?

Click on the job opportunity link for the details.

Now that you know more, are you still interested? Apply for the job by clicking on the link or following the instructions to apply. The link takes you to the cooperative’s website. From there, you’ll follow the co-op’s application process.

It’s in the co-op’s human resources or hiring manager’s hands now. He or she will review your information.

If your skills and experience seem to fit the position, the co-op will contact you for an interview to learn more about you.

If your dream job is not available yet but you’re interested in working at a cooperative as an employee or intern, don’t worry!

Enter your information here. Now, all of Indiana’s electric cooperatives will have access to your mad skills. One of them may have just the job for you!

While you’re waiting for your big break, we’ll keep you in the loop with information about Indiana’s electric cooperatives. Occasionally we’ll reach out via text or email just to let you know we’re still out here and that we are a potential career match for you.

Remember to check out our Opportunities Tab for job availability updates.